Issue 5725: 15 January 2021

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The Ringing World issue 5725
Title Author Page
Quite a league leader – the remarkable bell at Auckland Castle Gatehouse George Dawson 28
Letters to the Editor 29
Hamilton celebrates 70 years of ringing in the city Wendy Tyrell 30
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 31
Bellfounding in South Africa – Part Two Colin Lewis 32
What’s Hot on BellBoard 36
Peal Reports 36
Quarter Peal Reports 37
Obituaries – Alan J Collings 40
R Andrew Routh 41
Alan S Smith 41
Notices 42
Cumberland Quiz Adam Greenley 43
Virtual quiz in aid of the 2021 12-Bell Chris Ridley 43
Life after years of swinging at Southwark Cathedral Derek Giddins 43
A word with ... Forté Handbell Quartet 44
Puzzle Page 46
St Martin’s, Ruislip; an e-journey Sonia Field 47
Thought for the week Chris Marshall 47
Stuck in a wormhole A J Barnfield 47
The image of the week 48

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