Issue 5724: 8 January 2021

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The Ringing World issue 5724
Title Author Page
War and Covid – a long view of restrictions on ringing Part 4 – ’Liberation’ Robert Wellen 4
Letters to the Editor 8
Book Review: The Life Story of Harold Walter Rogers Michael Uphill 9
The History of Change Ringing in Scotland: Confidence and Competence Simon Aves 10
What’s Hot on BellBoard 12
Peal Reports 12
Quarter Peal Reports 13
David A Vince 16
Obituaries – Geoff Foster 16
Colin Tester 17
Notices 18
A Rainbow Odyssey? Part Eighteen Analysing Ithaca David Maynard 18
Alternative Hobbyist: Topiary Richard J Page 20
Puzzle Page 22
Stuck in a wormhole A J Barnfield 23
Thought for the week Max Drinkwater 23
Thought for the year Phil Tremain 23
The image of the week 24

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