Issue 5717: 20 November 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5717
Title Author Page
The first quarter peal in a video game Ollie Watson 1140
A resignation statement from the RW Chairman David W Grimwood 1141
The Ringing World – Subscription rates 2021 Richard Wallis 1141
Letters to the Editor 1142
Ringing and the community Peter Furniss 1144
The BellBoard Virtual Hub 1145
The next chapter for The Ringers’ Handbook Peter Sotheran 1146
Reality and Strategies for Change A J Barnfield and Simon Linford 1147
The Fred E Dukes International Bell Fund Ian Oram 1148
Book Review: Buckinghamshire Bells and Belfries Chris Ridley 1149
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1150
Peal Reports 1150
Quarter Peal Reports 1151
History to inform and entertain Chris Ridley 1152
Obituaries – Russell Morris 1152
Obituaries – Trevor Holmes 1153
Learning to ring methods by rules – you can’t ring in a bubble Michael Foulds 1154
A Rainbow Odyssey? David Maynard 1155
Notices 1156
The Education Column 1157
The Puzzle Page 1158
The Letters Page Mary Jones 1159
On the space station A J Barnfield 1159
Thought for the week David Witchell 1159
It all adds up – unexpected examples of summation Glenn Taylor 1160

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