Issue 5715: 6 November 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5715
Title Author Page
Book Review: Shake my hand and I’ll show you the ropes – A Biography of George Pipe Michael Wilby 1088
’The Pipes from Suffolk’ – A Dynasty (Excerpted chapter) John Loveless 1090
Letters to the Editor 1094
What’s up that tower? Chris Pickford explores ... St Joseph’s (R.C.) Church, Nympsfield, Gloucestershire Chris Pickford 1096
Statement from the RW Board – minority dissenting view David Smith 1098
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1099
Peal Reports 1100
Quarter Peal Reports 1100
Ringing Holidays Alison Alcock 1102
Notices 1104
The 2020 ASCY Dinner: The show must go on Philip Rogers 1104
The Education Column 5: Progressing through methods – 13. Plain Bob Minor David Smith 1105
Puzzle Page 1106
Minor jottings on learning to ring handbells and what help is available Mary Jones 1107
Thought for the week Rhona McEune 1107
The image of the week 1108

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