Issue 5710: 2 October 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5710
Title Author Page
William Dobson’s biggest bell Bill Hibbert 968
CC President’s blog 969
Letters to the Editor 970
Gender imbalance in conducting and composing Lucy Warren 972
Obituary – Geoffrey K Dodd 974
Megalomaniac jottings on ... Why learn to conduct? Mary Jones 977
Hotch-potch peals and mongrel affairs: the development of spliced Triples and Major compositions – Part five: ’The Great Debate’ Mark Eccleston 978
What’s Hot on BellBoard 980
Peal Reports 981
Quarter Peal Reports 981
Notices 988
The Education Column 5: Progressing through methods – 10. Trickier calls David Smith 989
Puzzle Page 990
Composing touches of Original Doug Boniface 991
Thought for the week Giles Galley 991
The image of the week 992

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