Issue 5699: 17 July 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5699
Title Author Page
Successful planning for recruitment and retention 704
Letters to the Editor 706
CC YouTube competition – June results Catherine White-Horne 708
Teaching Tips: Developing ropesight skills at home Chris de Cordova 709
Registered Small Societies: Sensible questions and an old dilemma Clyde Whittaker 710
Westcroft Park John Eisel 712
Travels with a belfry Phil Gay 713
Magic moments Gill Clark 713
Statements of Significance E. John Arthur 714
What’s Hot on BellBoard 715
Peal Reports 716
Quarter Peal Reports 716
Obituaries – Julian Pawley 718
Obituaries – Anthony G Tyers 718
Simulator memorial ringing Sue Morton 719
Notices 720
The Education Column 721
Puzzle page 722
Minor jottings on gender inequality in ringing Mary Jones 723
Thought for the week Dale Barton 723
Image of the week 724
Two special birthdays in Perth 724

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