Issue 5693: 5 June 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5693
Title Author Page
What’s up that tower? St Andrew, Grafham, Surrey Chris Pickford 552
Letters to the Editor 554
Strategic Priorities 5 – discussion 556
Teaching Tip – Ringing Room Helen McGregor 558
On completing the calendar – Part 3 Lynn Scales 559
The first peal on Handbell Stadium Gareth Davies 560
What’s Hot on BellBoard 561
From the Taylor Bellfoundry Museum George Dawson 562
Peal Reports 563
Quarter Peal Reports 563
Obituaries – Alan Brown 565
Obituaries – Pamela Bird 565
A word with ... Helen Beaufoy Simon Linford 566
When we ring again Alison Hodge 567
Notices 568
The Education Column David Smith 569
Puzzle Page 570
Tips on outdoor handbell ringing Tom Hinks 571
Thought for the week Giles Galley 571
The image of the week 572

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