Issue 5686: 17 April 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5686
Title Author Page
Alternative Hobbyist: bird ringing Gareth Davies 380
Letters to the Editor 382
CC President’s blog Simon Linford 383
The first peal outside the United Kingdom – Part 2 John Eisel 384
The ringing robot Graham Firman 386
Strategic Priorities Simon Linford 387
Creating a well-balanced ring at Worcester – Part 1 Bernard Taylor 388
What’s Hot on BellBoard 391
Peal Reports 392
Quarter Peal Reports 393
Obituaries – Marian Owen 394
Obituaries – Leonard W Bullock 394
A Rainbow Odyssey David Maynard 395
Notices 396
Puzzle solutions (p.374) 396
Puzzle page 397
A word with ... Dylan Thomas 398
Thought for the week Jon Rose 399
Minor jottings Mary Jones 399
Image of the week 400

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