Issue 5685: 10 April 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5685
Title Author Page
Introducing the Ringing Room Leland Paul Kusmer 000 and Bryn Marie Reinstadler 356
Central Council Strategic Priorties Simon Linford 357
Letters to the Editor 358
The first peal outside the UK – Part 1 John Eisel 360
Quarter peal recording Alan Buswell 362
A word with ... Phil Rogers Simon Meyer 362
2019 Quarter peal report Alan Buswell 363
Peal Reports 364
UL Society Peal Weekend 365
What’s Hot on BellBoard 366
Quarter Peal Reports 366
Obituary – R James Cook 370
A Rainbow Odyssey David Maynard 371
Notices 372
From the Bellfoundry Museum Chris Pickford 373
Puzzle page 374
Medical jottings Mary Jones 375
Thought for the week Anthony Ellis 375
Image of the week Michael Henshaw 376
Joan Summerhayes Mark Regan 376

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