Issue 5683: 27 March 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5683
Title Author Page
ART Conference – Teaching with simulators Martin Whiteley 308
Major jottings Mary Jones 309
Letters to the Editor 310
CC President’s blog Simon Linford 311
Notes from isolation Elizabeth Coates 311
ASCY Master’s message Susan Apter 312
Changes at Woodbridge Bruce Wakefield 312
While we are not ringing Alison Hodge 313
What’s Hot on BellBoard 313
Peal Reports 314
Quarter Peal Reports 317
Obituary – Stanley Evans 322
Need a ringing fix? 323
A Rainbow Odyssey David Maynard 323
Notices 324
George Pipe 12-Bell Competition Richard Munnings 325
Puzzle page 326
Not down the pub AJ Barnfield 327
Thought for the week Jenny Holden 327
Pulling together Niels Benatar 328
Tintinnabulous topiary John Westwood 328
Distant Adelaide 328

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