Issue 5674: 24 January 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5674
Title Author Page
Diagonal frames and triangular holes: A challenging augmentation for Strensham David Bagley 81
Blue Pathway Step 2: A doubles variation Richard A Smith 84
On conductor malfunction Lynn Scales 86
Ringing for Brexit 87
Belbroughton in the nineteenth century John Eisel 88
Letters to the Editor 89
Minutes of the 122nd Annual Meeting of the CCCBR 91
Peal Reports 94
What’s Hot on BellBoard 98
Quarter Peal Reports 98
Obituaries – Sheila Franks 104
Obituaries – Charles E Taylor 104
Devon Guild Library finds a new home Les Boyce 105
Notices 106
Learning the Ropes Achievers December 2019 107
Thought for the week Giles Galley 107
Australian bushfires Robert Weatherby 108
Down the Pub A J Barnfield 108

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