Issue 5667: 6 December 2019

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The Ringing World issue 5667
Title Page
KCACR Young Ringers’ Striking Contest 1120
Notable composers of the past – John Carter 1176
An oddment on Fabian Stedman 1178
Letters to the Editor 1179
Ockwell/Hampson wedding 1180
Sir Stanley’s 90th birthday 1181
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1181
Peal Reports 1182
Ringing for Remembrance 1185
Quarter Peal Reports 1188
Obituary – John E Heaton 1192
Guild of Clerical Ringers tour 1194
Book Review – The Tower Grabbers’ Guide 1194
David M Hughes’s 80th Birthday 1195
Friends of Derick Obergene QP Week 1196
Notices 1198
Minor jottings on children ringing for children 1199
Down the pub 1199
CCCBR Exec – meeting notes 1199
Thought for the Week 1199

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