Issue 5779: 28 January 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5779
Title Author Page
Front cover photograph – The Bell Tower, Perth, Western Australia Irene MacKenzie (photographer) 73
Editorial Will Bosworth 74
On the cover Christopher Teasdale 74
’Far too many bells?’ Not for the YCRA’s first outing Matt Jerome 75
CCCBR Workgroup update – Public relations Vicki Chapman 76
Letters to the Editor 77
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 78
Peal Reports 79
Quarter Peal Reports 81
The last ’that’s all’ at St Helen’s, Worcester George Morris 85
Obituary – David G Salter Katharine Salter 87
Notices 89
Solution to crossword – buildings (p.67) 89
Puzzle Page 90
A history of the branches of the Salisbury DG of Ringers 1901–1922 Robert Wellen 91
A treasure within our midst David Bird 92
Bells on Sunday – Guide to making recordings Phillip Orme 94
Thought for the week Phil Tremain 95
Happy retirement Chris! Rhoda Wilson 95
Australia Day Wizened of Oz 96

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