Issue 5773: 17 December 2021

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The Ringing World issue 5773
Title Author Page
Front cover photograph – Randwick St John the Baptist, Gloucestershire Phil Hope (photographer) 1133
On the cover Chris Pickford and Christopher Teasdale 1134
Editorial Will Bosworth 1134
Bells on Sunday – January 2022 1134
Ringing for Public Events – 2022 update John Harrison 1135
Letters to the editor 1136
Did you ring for HM The Queen’s Coronation? Vicki Chapman 1137
The church shines brightly Elizabeth Walker 1137
Minor jottings on one big happy family Mary Jones 1137
Bells on the radio 1137
Fun with Bells podcast – new episode 1137
A Small Voice of Calm in Wartime: Ringing for Christmas 1942 Robert Wellen 1138
Ringing in the rain at Coleshill Mike Walpole 1139
The Education Column A Christmas Special: Festive Splicing David Smith 1140
The 1,000 Bell Pub Crawl – 2021 update Chris Hutchinson 1142
Which is the oldest ring? Richard A Smith 1144
Memories of St John’s – Part One Richard Pullin 1149
An update from Ringing Room Leland Kusmer and Bryn Reinstadler 1151
Christmas Tree Festival at Stone, Staffordshire Margaret Simpson 1151
New bells for St Mary’s Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire Colin Dixon 1152
A Tale of Two Garages Phil Gay 1154
What’s up that tower? St Mary’s church, Brilley, Herefordshire Chris Pickford 1156
Peal ringing and the anniversary peal at Builth Wells Colin A Lewis 1158
Ringing at Wye in the eighteenth century. Part Two – A celebrity band, and another acrimonious dispute John Eisel 1160
Method progression and the need for ringing on lower numbers. – Part Two Phil Ramsbottom 1162
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 1163
Bells and the landscape of English memory Mark Regan 1164
The people we meet Alison Alcock 1166
Peal Reports 1168
Quarter Peal Reports 1170
The 1892 long peal at Debenham John Loveless 1175
Oops! ... We did it again – New record-length peal of Spliced Treble Doding Minor Alex Riley et al. 1180
A history of ladies’ peals – the 1940s Linda Garton 1183
Oxford Diocesan Guild 10-Bell Competition Bobbie May 1185
Date touches for 2022 CC T&T Workgroup 1186
The mathematics of bells Ben Kipling 1187
Standing on the shoulders of Orion Mark B Davies 1188
Seeking Singles? Make a date! An investigation into extents on three bells – Part One Tom Lawrance 1190
A catch up with the university societies at Christmas 1191
Puzzle Pages 1194
Whence the Christmas bells? Alice Latham 1196
Bells and the public soundscape – a new project by the Clerical Guild Max Drinkwater 1197
Notices 1198
Looking to the Future A J Barnfield 1198
CC President’s Yule Blog Simon Linford 1199
Thought for the week Dale Barton 1199
Back cover photograph – Yardley St Edburgha, West Midlands Julie Adams (photographer) 1200

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