Issue 5684: 3 April 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5684
Title Author Page
Waltham Abbey restoration Jane Walters 332
What’s the point of Association Secretaries? Steve Coleman 334
Letters to the Editor 335
St Agatha’s Guild Spring Day Rhona McEune 336
What’s Hot on BellBoard 337
Peal Reports 338
Quarter Peal Reports 339
Obituaries – Gill Lucas 345
Obituaries – John Conduct 345
A Rainbow Odyssey David Maynard 346
Bells on Sunday recordings Phillip Orme 347
Notices 348
Puzzle solutions 348
Making the most of it The Pipe family 348
Remembering some unusual ringing for Terry Waite Peter Joyce 349
Puzzle page 350
Not down the pub AJB 351
Thought for the week Chris Marshall 351

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