Issue 5678: 21 February 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5678
Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 185
Blue Pathway – St Clement’s Minor David Smith 187
ART Teaching Tips – Developing Ropesight Heather Peachey 188
The Great Grappenhall feats of the 1890s Nick Thomson 189
What’s Hot on BellBoard? 190
Peal Reports 191
Holocaust Memorial Day Andy Pollock 198
Obituary – Gareth Dancer 199
A Rainbow Odyssey? David Maynard 199
Wedding – Meyer/Mills Simon Meyer 200
Notices 202
Down the Pub AJB 202
Minor Jollities Mary Jones 203
Thought for the Week Author 203
A legendary bell sculpture Sue Marsden 204

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