Issue 5675: 31 January 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5675
Title Author Page
2020 RW Red Pathway Step 2(a) – Spliced Plain Minor Richard Smith 112
Letters to the Editor 114
Teaching Tips: Developing Ropesight Heather Peachey 116
Pathways Progress 117
What’s Hot on BellBoard 117
Peal Reports 118
Quarter Peal Reports 121
A Rainbow Odyssey: Part 2 David Maynard 128
Glasbury bellringers, peals and the Great War Colin Lewis 129
Notices 130
Record carillons Christopher Teasdale 131
Marital Jottings Mary Jones 131
Thought for the week Richard Hough 131
The largest bell cast in Britain for 25 years David Potter 132
BellView – a BellBoard viewer Brian Dean 132

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