Issue 5716: 13 November 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5716
Title Author Page
The Gender Illusion Elva Ainsworth 1112
How to ring big bells Julia Cater 1114
A word with ... Sue McClaughry 1115
Everything you don’t need to know about being a conductor Bryn Reinstadler 1116
What type of tower captain are you? Julia Cater and Chris Sharp 1118
Inspirational women: Phyllis Poole and Jill Stainforth Rosemary Mason 1121
Reflections on the ASCY rule change Victoria Wilby 1122
Letters to the Editor 1124
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1126
Peal Reports 1126
Quarter Peal Reports 1127
The first ladies’ peal – a stake in the ground Linda Garton 1128
Notes of CCCBR Executive 28 October meeting Mary Bone 1130
The Ladies’ Guild of Change Ringers Janet Stevenson and Helen Webb 1130
Notices 1132
Ringing with a young family Jennie Earis 1132
Puzzle Page 1134
Minor jottings on reticence Mary Jones 1135
Thought for the week Rhona McEune 1135
Dear Aunt Sally 1136

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