Issue 5714: 30 October 2020

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The Ringing World issue 5714
Title Author Page
A personal statement on resigning from the RW Board Richard Smith 1064
Board response to Richard Smith 1065
The mythical dangers of chiming Mike Shelley 1066
Letters to the Editor 1068
Two more available rings Reg and Isabel Hitchings 1070
Quinquennial inspections and bells David Knight 1071
Equality in numbers only! Gender imbalance in leadership roles Elva Ainsworth and Kira Chase 1072
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1073
Peal Reports 1074
Quarter Peal Reports 1075
Scientific Triples – one way to spend the winter James Perrins 1076
Hillman and Singer: more information Philip Rogers 1077
A word with ... Tom Page Adam Greenley 1078
Sheila makes a zero for Tewkesbury David Bagley 1079
Notices 1080
President’s Blog Simon Linford 1080
The University of London at 75 Sean Langton 1081
Puzzle Page 1082
Thought for the week Nicky Seabright 1083
Minor jottings on returning to ringing Mary Jones 1083
On the space station A J Barnfield 1083
New book on sale – Methodoku Mayhem 1084

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