Issue 5617: 21 December 2018

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The Ringing World issue 5617
Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 1272
A safe pair of hands 1272
The Education Column 1273
Project Pickled Egg: Rook and Gaskill 1274
Method of the Month – Introduction 1275
Method of the Month – Compositions 1276
Advice for a Tree Festival 1277
On Christmas Eve 1278
WWI Roll of Honour – January 1919 1279
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1281
A unique set of handbells? 1282
From the Taylor’s Museum 1283
Safeguarding update 1284
Beer Matters Maximus Bibendus 1284
CCCBR Update 1285
My encounter with the bells 1285
Lessons from the 12-Bell 1286
The pullometer – a new approach 1288
The pullometer challenge – update 1289
Ringing in a new novel 1291
Scientific Triples: Solving John Carter’s Puzzle 1292
Peal Reports 1295
Monday nights in Birmingham 1299
Tulloch Double 1300
Quarter Peal Reports 1302
The Puzzle Page 1308
Scottish ringer in biographical dictionary 1309
ODG 10-bell and AGM 1309
Date Touches for 2019 1310
Learning the Ropes November Achievers 1312
St Hilda’s, Mosman Park 1313
Notices 1314
Tail Ends 1315
Thought for the week 1315

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