Issue 5565: 22 December 2017

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The Ringing World issue 5565
Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 1252
Augmentation to ten at Blockley 1253
What happens after an ART course? 1254
Why do bells go up wrong? 1256
Ringing Remembers project update 1257
The historic bells of Chagford rehung 1258
The Education Column Christmas Special – St Nicholas 1261
Rothbury handbells restored 1262
Ding Dong Merrily on High 1263
Three-part bobs-only peals of Stedman Triples Andrew Johnson 1264
’Crypt and college’ – Gloucester in the nineteenth century 1266
The Essex Trophy 1269
The Trinity Shield – a new striking competition in New York 1270
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1271
Peal Reports 1272
Quarter Peal Reports 1275
The Bell Museums of Gescher 1281
Birmingham feasts 1282
WWI Roll of Honour – January 1917 1283
Good ringing ... and just listening 1284
A Christmas dream 1285
2018 date touches 1286
The Puzzle Page 1288
Ringers and Church 1289
Carol Me Observation 1290
Banbury Branch QP fortnight 1291
The ringing world, great and small 1291
Redgrave refit 1292
Beer Matters Maximus Bibendus 1292
Obituary – John D. Lewis 1293
Notices 1294
Tail Ends 1294
Thought for the week 1295

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