Issue 5896: 26 April 2024

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The Ringing World issue 5896
Title Author Page
On the Cover - Lincoln Cathedral Michael Maughen 362
125th anniversary history of Lincoln Diocesan Guild Judith Rogers 363
The bells of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild (map) 365
Lincolnshire’s and England’s fine steeples Keith Butter 366
English good manners Christina Spencer Giannini 369
Lincoln DG’s 125 years of peal ringing Judith Rogers and Chris Sharp 370
Peal Reports 372
Eighth and Quarter Peal Reports 374
Obituary – Thomas Goodyer 378
Notices 380
A Tale of Four Peals Part IV - The 1715 peal at St Peter Mancroft Richard A Smith 380
Money for Old Rope Rob Goss 382
Doubles of the month - Reverse New Bob 383
Thought for the week - Welcoming and accessible Malcolm Bowers 383
Trio of the month - Lottery, Very Little Bob Minor, Penultimus Minor 383
The Image of the week - The Rambler’s Church Christopher Wookcock 384

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