Issue 5894: 12 April 2024

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The Ringing World issue 5894
Title Author Page
On the Cover - St Andrew’s Chale, Isle of Wight Neil Thomas, photographer 314
A new ten and a busy ringing school - St Anne’s-on-the-Sea Monica Hollows and Stuart Newton 315
PDG celebrations continue Helen Allton et al 317
A Tale of Four Peals, Part II, Seventeenth-century extents Richard A Smith 318
Letters to the Editor 320
Three women celebrate 60 years of peals 321
Peal Reports 322
Eighth and Quarter Peal Reports 324
Obituary – Jean Nixon Geoff Pick 329
Obituary – Duncan Malloch Peter Williamson 330
The Accidental Band - Damaging the Royal bonce Simon Linford and Mary Jones 331
All together now - The duel became a duet Edward Hopkins 332
Notices 332
Ladies Guild North Yorkshire weekend Allison Devine 333
Ringers and rhyme Paul Evans 334
Doubles of the month - Reverse New Bob 335
Thought for the week - Too late! Peter Davies 335
Trio of the month - Very Little Bob Minor 335
The Image of the week - London Landmarks - Bow Simon Meyer 336
We do like to be beside the seaside Pauline Ridgwell 336

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