Issue 5874: 24 November 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5874
Title Author Page
On the cover - St Michael’s Aldbourne Phil Hope, photographer 1138
Raising Awareness and Recruitment - Devon WI taster days Nicola Jones 1139
Ringing World Board update Paul Jopp 1141
Letters to the Editor 1142
Peal Reports 1143
Quarter Peal Reports 1145
Mansfield have a go! week Jessica Doughty 1149
Wedding bells for Charlotte and Tom Anthea Edwards and Philip Saddleton 1149
Obituary – Wendy Piercy George Bonham 1150
Beer matters Maximus Bibendus 1151
Notices 1151
Bells and Ringing in Southern Africa Part 2 Colin Lewis 1152
ASCY 386th anniversary dinner – relocated Simon Meyer 1154
Trio of the month 1155
Doubles of the month 1155
Thought for the week - Ring out in joy Simon White 1155
The image of the week - St Michael’s Aldbourne Christine Newman 1156
St Peter’s Ropley granted lottery money 1156

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