Issue 5865: 22 September 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5865
Title Author Page
On the cover - Clock of St Mary’s Calne Jane Ridgwell 921
St Mary’s Calne Project Jane Ridgwell 922
Ring Out comes Full Circle Mary Hooper 924
Letters to the Editor 926
Ringing and Money - How tower funds waste it Steve Coleman 927
Peal Reports 928
Quarter Peal Reports 930
Pannell’s notebook – Part VII: Conclusion Richard A Smith 934
FODOS Quarter Peal Week Chris Kipling 936
The Around Tour 2023 Richard Clements 938
Obituary – David Knewstub Laith Reynolds 939
Notices 939
Minor Jottings on Motion B Mary Jones 940
The other Westminster Abbey – An extraordinary love story Yolande Hasselo 941
York Colleges Guild Quarter Peal Day Natasha Williams 942
Surrey take Essex Trophy Sharon Lacey 942
Trio of the month - Boveney 943
Doubles of the month - Stedman Bob 943
Thought for the week - Global Witness Stephen Campbell 943
The image of the week - St Mary’s Haddington Andrew Kelso 944

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