Issue 5856: 21 July 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5856

Welcome to our special issue celebrating the Ringing World National Youth Contest, when young people from around the country come together to ring alongside each other in camaraderie and competition. Extra colour pages showcase the variety of photos from an amazing day.

Title Author Page
On the Cover - RWNYC teams Neil Thomas photographer 717
RWNYC - The Organiser’s view David Hull 718
RWNYC - From the judges Chris Poole 720
RWNYC - From the winnners Erin Ingram et al 720
RWNYC 2023 Results table 723
Letters to the Editor 723
Peal reports 724
Eighth, Quarter and Half Peal reports 726
Team photographs Chris Wright, Richard Horton, Arthur Reeves 728
What makes a successful young ringers weekend Andy Ingram 730
Notices 733
Obituary - Maurice Thurmott Phillip George et al 734
Obituary - Peter Sawyer Ian Campbell et al 735
Doubles of the Month - Plain Bob teaching tips Will Bosworth 736
Trio of the month - Mexican Wave Will Bosworth 736
Bob Smith’s legacy in stained glass Derek Johnstone 737
Mid Cheshire young ringers’ event - Not the RWNYC! Nick Thomson 737
North Wales marks 120 years Gavin Price 738
Thought for the week - warning bells Malcolm Bowers 738
The image of the week - Loughborough carillon Roger Lawson 739

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