Issue 5854: 7 July 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5854
Title Author Page
Worth waiting for – National 12-Bell Final Simon Reading 678
RWNYC returns to York 679
The 12-bell Class of 2023 Photos by Roger Lawson 680
From the judges Ben Carey 681
Another memorable 12-Bell event Mark Bell 681
Letters to the Editor 682
CC President’s Icelandic Blog Simon Linford 683
Peal Reports 684
Eighth & Quarter Peal Reports 686
Obituary – Robert B Smith Tributes 689
Notices 692
Sonneur sees a year of growth Edwin Hermann 692
The third at Stowe – Odd-struck no more Laurence Gibson 693
Ring Out at Frome Festival – A ringer’s perspective Mary Hooper 694
Trio of the month 695
Doubles of the month - Plain Bob 695
Thought for the week - Summoned by Bells George Cringles 695
The image of the week - Peckleton ringing chamber Mark Pendery 696
The bell on the bus goes ding, ding, ding Alan Reade 696

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