Issue 5841: 7 April 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5841
Title Author Page
Great St Bart’s celebrates 900 years Paul Norman 302
Anyone for cake? Bridget Taylor-Connor 304
Ringing for the King? Five ways to feature in the RW Will Bosworth 305
CC President’s Blog – Keep up the good work! Simon Linford 305
Ringing and Money – Donating in your will Steve Coleman 306
Letters to the Editor 307
Peal Reports 308
Eighth and Quarter Peal Reports 309
Obituary – Ronald Keith Russ Stephen Russ 313
50th anniversary of the new London Bridge Michael Uphill 314
CC Appeal for S&M Workgroup leader Ernie de Legh-Runciman 314
A view from the cake stall Liz Coke 315
Notices 316
Breaking stays for the King Roger Button 317
Pershore peal board dedication Stuart Piper 318
Trio of the month 319
Doubles of the month 319
Thought for the week David Grimwood 319
The image of the week - Nutbells Philip George 320
RAF Guild’s 50th anniversary Mike Le Marie 320

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