Issue 5835: 24 February 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5835

This week’s issue includes an announcement of a survey being conducted by the Ringing World during the month of March. Please participate, and spread the word - your feedback will help us shape our future.

Title Author Page
On the Cover - Howden Minster Ted Steele 162
Doubles of the Month 162
The future is in their hands Caroline Prescott, Hilary Child, Peter Jasper 163
Letters to the Editor 165
Ringing and Money - Gift Aid - The complicated wheezes Steve Coleman 166
Musings from a learner Jennie Pease 167
Ringing my first peal at 70 Elizabeth Skinner 167
Quarter peal ringing in 2022 - 1 - Leading ringers Will Bosworth 168
Peal Reports 170
Quarter Peal reports 171
Prize ringing at Holmfirth John Eisel 176
Obituary - Douglas Davison Kath Johnson 178
Obituary - Ros Farmer Graham Long 178
Minor jottings on Russian Roulette Mary Jones 179
Notices 180
Trio of the Month - More on jump call changes 180
Rodent attack on the rainbow ropes Peter Judge 181
Angela and the benign bear Edward Hopkins 182
A Royal Peal of Pauls Paul Mason 182
South Midland Ladies Guild ADM Bridget Taylor 183
Thought for the Week - Lent Phil Tremain 183
Quarter peal for the Angel of the North Clive Mansfield 184
The Bob and Ruth Smith Lundy visits Dianne Stewart 184
The Image of the Week - St Mary’s Warwick scaffolded Philip Sealey 184

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