Issue 5832: 3 February 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5832
Title Author Page
On the Cover - St George’s Fovant Vicki Rowse 94
Is the ART approach too prescriptive? Pip Penney and Lesley Belcher 95
Doesn’t everyone make a list? Jo Harris 95
Letters to the Editor 97
The first National Call Change Competition Simon Linford 99
Has peal ringing recovered from Covid? Andrew Craddock 100
Peal Reports 102
Half Peal Reports 104
Quarter Peal Reports 104
Wolsey’s bell: Ringing at Sherborne - Part 2 John Eisel 108
Obituary - Ken Russell Tony McIlwrick 110
Obituary - Paul Loxston Helen Loxston-Baker 110
Hard work and quick progress for Alex at Haddington Simon Aves 111
Minor Jottings on Trios of the Month Mary Jones 111
Notices 112
Central Council Executive meeting notes Ernie de Legh Runciman 112
Puzzle page 113
A recruitment success story at Tonbridge Gavin Knight 113
Trio of the month 114
Doubles of the month 114
New hands on ropes at Old Wolverton Celia Palmer 115
Thought for the week - Candlemas Max Drinkwater 115
The image of the week - St Lawrence Hungerford Karen Moverley 116
Central Council AGM 2023 David Kirkcaldy 116
Derelict rings and ’no regular practices’ in Dove Dickon Love 116

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