Issue 5831: 27 January 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5831
Title Author Page
On the Cover - Tewkesbury Abbey Sandra Alford and David Bagley 70
A stunt in Ossett James Perrins 71
Wolsey’s Bell: Sherborne in the 19th Century – Part 1 John Eisel 72
Letters to the Editor 74
Ringing and Money - Gift Aid in 2023 Steve Coleman 76
Monetary Jottings Mary Jones 77
Peal Reports 78
Quarter Peal Reports 80
Catching up on Stedman Composition Thomas Hooley 85
Obituary - David Simpson Phil Burton 86
Obituary - Eric Godfrey Paul Flavell 86
Remembering Roger Bailey Keith Butter 87
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 88
Notices 88
Alternative Hobbyist – Home publisher Peter Sotheran 89
Puzzle page 90
Leaving bells up Ecclesiastical Insurance 90
Thought for the week Stephen Campbell 91
Polar medal for Jo Johnson 91
Trio & Doubles of the month 92
The image of the week - St Mary’s Kempsford stained glass Richard White 92

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