Issue 5824: 9 December 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5824
Title Author Page
On the Cover. Alan Bentley 1150
Hidden Hangouts -Up the Belfry Christopher Nix 1151
Ring for the King Teaching Forum 1151
Marking a 1722 Peal at St Laurence Stroud David Pouncey 1152
Letters to the Editor Simon Melen 1153
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 1154
Peal Reports 1155
Quarter Peal Reports 1157
Norfolk Quarter Peal Tour 1162
Obituary – Judith Woodruff Roy Woodruff 1163
Obituary – Hervey Bagot David Bleby 1164
Obituary – Frank Blagrove Stephen Mitchell 1165
Obituary – John Kinchin Sue Morton 1165
Down the Pub AJ Barnfield 1166
Minor Jottings on positive discrimination Mary Jones 1167
Mo’ minor for Movember Nich Wilson 1167
Exeter Cathedral does York (at last!) Phil and Jane Dunn 1168
Malcolm celebrates 90th in the face of Covid Andrew Haseldine 1169
Royal Ringing at Wimborne Minster David Warwick, Alan and Kathy Bentley 1170
Gordano Valley Wedding (Jim and Beth) Jan Wyatt 1170
Thought for the week David Witchell 1171
Three teens score on 12 David Bagley 1172
What next for Melissa? Melissa Hunt 1172

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