Issue 5820: 11 November 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5820
Title Author Page
On the Cover Neil Thomas 1054
Army Guild Study at Ypres Lt Col Nicola Roberts 1055
Time in hand Chris Pickford, Niels Benatar 1056
Ringing full circle in Yorkshire Alison Edmonds 1057
Letters to the Editor 1058
200 years of Cambridge Royal Adrian Moreton 1059
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 1060
Peal Reports 1061
Quarter Peal Reports 1063
Beer matters Maximus Bibendus 1067
Obituary - Pauline Millatt Sally Harris 1068
Obituary - Michael Homans Nigel Taylor 1068
CCCBR Executive Meeting notes Ernie de Legh Runciman 1069
250 years of ringing at Royal Hillsborough, NI, Part 2 Simon Walker 1070
Notices 1072
Leckhampton and friends island outing Chris Hickey 1072
Book Review - Change Ringing on Handbells: Volume 2 Tom Hinks 1073
Puzzle page 1074
A fitting tribute Wendy Bloom 1074
Down the Pub AJ Barnfield 1075
Thought for the week Peter Davies 1075
The image of the week - Muffles Coleshill Mike Walpole 1076
Big Bristol Day Out Ian Bucknell 1076

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