Issue 5819: 4 November 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5819
Title Author Page
On the Cover -St Margaret’s Leicester Ringers’ Window Roger Lawson 1030
Keep up with Belfry Upkeep Robin Shipp 1031
250 years of ringing at Royal Hillsborough, NI, Part 1 Simon Walker 1032
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 1034
Rough Ringing made Easy Barbara le Gallez 1035
Letters to the Editor 1035
What are the chances? London 12 Bell at St Paul’s Eleanor Linford 1036
Hurn’s ’Celebrated’ Church bell Ropes Hayden Charles 1037
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 1039
Peal Reports 1040
Quarter Peal Reports 1041
The White Rose 12-Bell at Leeds Adrian Moreton 1045
The SW 12-Bell at Taunton Simon Ridley 1045
Obituary – Andrew Salisbury Simon Rudd 1047
Notices 1048
2023 ART Awards – Applications now open! Stephanie Warboys 1048
Diolch, chloch-dynnwyr Radyr! David Moore 1048
New CCCBR Secretary and Trustees 1050
Down the Pub AJ Barnfield 1051
Thought for the week Jon Rose 1051
The image of the week - St Eata Atcham Rhiannon Meredith 1052
Mary Bickmore rings in her 90th Kathryn Cocks 1052
Keyhole Surgery - Ian Cochrane Tessa Worthington 1052

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