Issue 5814: 30 September 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5814
Title Author Page
On the cover - Bands who rang for the Queen 906
Make do and Mend Elizabeth Johnson 908
Kent pupils ring for King and Queen Jennifer Thomas 908
Letters to the Editor 909
Peals and Quarter Peals for the Funeral of Her Majesty 910
Peals and Quarter Peals in Memory of Her Majesty 916
Notices 932
With all due respect Trisha Shannon 933
Memories of ringing for royalty Roger Fox 934
Thought for the Week Max Drinkwater 935
Young ringers raise a tough tenor Nigel Orchard 935
School’s out for ringing Catherine Lane 935
Down the pub AJ Barnsfield 936
The Image of the Week - The Queen at Whitechapel Neil Thomas 936

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