Issue 5812: 16 September 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5812
Title Author Page
On the Cover - Tolling at Collingbourne Kingston Sarah Carreck 870
Ringers gather to honour Her Majesty the Queen Will Bosworth 870
The Raven calls – The Sevastopol Bell at Windsor Castle Richard A Smith 872
Ringers take centre stage - Central Council Simon Linford 873
Letters to the Editor 874
Strike notes and tuning of old bells Bill Hibbert 875
Peal Reports 877
Quarter Peal Reports 879
Update on the future of the CC’s Library Collection Chris Ridley 882
Notices 882
Memories of ringing for the Coronation of QEII in 1953 From the archives 883
Thought for the Week Bill Croft 883
Images of the Week - Ringing for King Charles III 884

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