Issue 5801: 1 July 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5801
Title Author Page
Praise him upon the loud cymbals Iain Milne 620
Letters to the Editor 621
The Carillon Society of Britain and Ireland Jonathan Galloway 622
Mishap Jottings Mary Jones 623
Meet the RWNYC judges! 624
Peal Reports 625
Quarter Peal Reports 627
What’s Hot on BellBoard 633
Notices 634
Obituary: Roger Bugler 635
Obituary: Gillian McKerracher 635
Ideas for a Modern Surprise Royal Repertoire Part 2: Looking towards Maximus Simon Gay 636
Puzzle page 638
Thought for the week Chris Marshall 639
Yorkshire Delight at Northallerton David Maynard 639
The image of the week - QEII Jubilee bells at Offley Dennis Green (photographer) 640
Triple first for Durham students Matthew Pearson 640
Birthday celebrations in Droitwich Helen Peberdy 640

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