Issue 5800: 24 June 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5800
Title Author Page
The Education Column 6 13. Differential Methods David Smith 595
Salisbury DG AGM Vicki Rowse 596
Stranton bells to be tuned after Diocesan Chancellor overrules CBC on listed bell Andrew Frost 597
CC President’s Blog 598
Letters to the Editor 599
Platinum Jubilee performances 600
Peal Reports 603
Quarter Peal Reports 606
Obituary – Donald C Price 611
Obituary – John Dawes 611
Notices 612
What’s Hot on BellBoard 612
Ideas for a Modern Surprise Royal Repertoire Part 1: Progression from Major Simon Gay 613
Puzzle page 614
Thought for the week 615
York Oratory and Friends European Tour David Hull 615
Suffolk retain the Ridgman Trophy Alan Winter 616
Guild of Medical Ringers Summer Meeting Frances Cranfield 616

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