Issue 5763: 8 October 2021

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The Ringing World issue 5763
Title Author Page
Front cover photograph – Boston St Botolph (Boston Stump), Lincolnshire Valerie Wild (photographer) 909
On the cover Valerie Wild 910
Editorial Will Bosworth 910
Now on sale – Criblines pocket ringing books Will Bosworth 911
RingingForums ... topic specific networks Vicki Chapman 911
What’s up that tower? St Mary’s church, Ullenhall, Warwickshire Chris Pickford 912
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 915
Letters to the Editor 915
The life and death of a Dorset clergyman Robert Wellen 916
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 918
Peal Reports 919
Quarter Peal Reports 920
Obituary – Alan M Barber Stephen B Bell 925
210 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor Alan M Barber 927
Puzzle Page 928
Meet some more university ringing societies! – Durham Matthew Pearson 929
Meet some more university ringing societies! – Oxford Ben White-Horne 929
Oval bell wheels 930
James A Bullock – 80 years a College Youth Simon Meyer 930
The image of the week – Birmingham Cathedral band Robert B Smith 12-Bell Trophy Roger Lawson (photographer) 931
Thought for the week Jon Rose 931
Yorkshire Day proves a great day for recruitment Simon Plows 932
ART is back in business Dorothy Hall and Elizabeth Mullett 932

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