Issue 5757: 27 August 2021

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The Ringing World issue 5757
Title Author Page
Front cover photograph – Desborough St Giles, Northamptonshire Kim Beasley 773
On the cover Christopher Teasdale 774
CO2 monitors and me Beverley Furniss 775
The Sharpe Trust Richard Offen 775
Editorial Will Bosworth 775
What’s up that tower? Gloucester, St Michael Chris Pickford 776
Letters to the Editor 778
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 779
Save the Parish – Sign up and ring to stop our churches closing Emma Thompson 780
Save the Parish – Editorial Will Bosworth 780
Save the Parish – Comment A J Barnfield 781
Thought for the Week - Save the Parish Max Drinkwater 781
What’s Hot on BellBoard Lucy Warren 782
75 Years Ago in The Ringing World - Universities’ Association Tom White 782
Peal Reports 783
Quarter Peal Reports 784
Obituary – Helen M Diserens Brian Diserens 787
10 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Indian rhythms Christopher E Slade 787
Notices 788
100 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Ely Association and Suffolk John S Goldsmith 788
CCCBR Photo Competition Round Two Winners Vicki Chapman 789
Puzzle Page 790
Minor jottings on establishing a clearing house for Sunday ringing Mary Jones 791
Back up the Tower Autumn ʼ21 A J Barnfield 791
Getting back to ringing at Desborough Jane Marsh 792

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