Issue 5669: 20 December 2019

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The Ringing World issue 5669
Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 1228
Ringing for Singapore’s Bicentennial 1230
Distant bells 1231
A Pathways Diary: Introduction 1232
Ringing the changes – a calendar of bells 1234
The Education Column 1236
The 1,000-Bell Pub Crawl 1237
Restoration at Swithland 1240
Scientific Triples – Composition 1242
A Stedman Triples Puzzle 1246
2020 Date Touches 1247
Pullometer Progress 1248
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1249
Peal Reports 1250
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths USA Tour 1253
Quarter Peal Reports 1257
An interview with Rebecca Legowski 1261
Retiring from ringing after 62 years 1262
Learning the Ropes November Achievers 1263
Obituary – John Barnes 1264
NUSCR’s Nine in a day 1266
AJB’s 2019 Review 1267
Notices 1268
Beer Matters Maximus Bibendus 1269
Merry Jottings on Christmas bells 1269
Christmas Puzzles 1270
Thought for the Week 1271

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