Issue 5873 (17/11/2023) contents

Title Author Page
On the Cover - Woodstock, Cape Town Angela Aschmann 1113
Is Garrod our oldest first-pealer Sheila Taylor 1114
Tower Open Day raises £3,265 Rachael Barber 1115
Bells and ringing in Southern Africa Colin A Lewis 1117
Ask the Experts Agony Aunt and Uncle 1119
Ringing and Money - Transferring a Tower Fund Steve Coleman 1121
Letters to the Editor 1122
Peal Reports 1123
Eighth, Quarter and Half Peal Reports 1125
Musical Box Tour 2023 Paul Jopp 1128
In Memoriam - Jor Scanlan Rhoda Willson 1128
Youngest ever CC representative? Tristan Lockheart et al 1129
Minor jottings five years on Mary Jones 1130
Notices 1131
Reading and Friends Tulloch Fest - performances 1131
Reading and Friends Tulloch Fest - Report Catherine Turner 1133
A journey to The North John Coatsworth 1134
Thought for the week - Avoiding those clashes Peter Davies 1135
Doubles of the month - Erin Double 1135
Trio of the Month - Darling Point 1135
The images of the week - Swanage Railway Charlie Goodwin 1136
Bells at the heart of the community Michael Cornwell 1136

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