Issue 5864 (15/09/2023) contents

Title Author Page
On the Cover - St Andrew sculpture, Plymouth Minster James Wray photo 898
CC Library collection Chris Ridley 899
There’s an app for that! Oddstruckness meter Martin Rice 900
Why pay to volunteer? Allison Devine 901
Letters to the Editor 902
CC President’s Blog Tina Stoecklin 903
Grandsire Variable Treble Revisited Adam Brady 904
CC Executive Notes Ernie de Legh Runciman 905
Peal Reports 906
Eighth & Quarter Peal Reports 908
Obituary – Alan Berry Chris Berry 913
Pannell’s notebook – Part VI: Comparing sources Richard A Smith 914
Restoration of an eight-bell chime, Wombwell Michael King 916
Tower repairs at Wimbledon John Coatsworth 918
Notices 919
Doubles & Trio of the month 919
Thought for the week - The Bells of Heaven Dale Barton 919
The image of the week - St Mary’s Wimbledon John Coatsworth 920

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