Issue 5753 (30/07/2021) contents

Title Author Page
Front cover photograph − Interior of St Paul’s Burwood, NSW, Australia Desmond Chu (photographer) 681
On the cover Christopher Teasdale 682
St Paul’s Burwood sesquicentenary Pam Brock 683
Editorial Will Bosworth 683
IkonJohn Janet Ranger 683
London Festival of Bells, 31st July Christopher Teasdale 683
Letters to the Editor 686
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 687
Exploring the secrets of learning and applying them to ringing Arthur Reeves 688
Report of recent activities of the CCCBR Bell Restoration Fund Peter Kirby 690
What’s up that tower? St Leonard’s Church, Stagsden, Bedfordshire Chris Pickford 692
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 694
100 Years Ago in The Ringing World − London Surprise Royal E Bankes James 694
50 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Nomenclature and poor taste George W Pipe 694
50 Years Ago in The Ringing World – The missing couple D G Lawson 694
Peal Reports 695
Quarter Peal Reports 695
Notices 698
Obituary – Thomas F Metcalfe Hugh Pettifer, Carole Kendall, Ali Brooke and Monica Hemming 698
’No longer unusual’ – ringing at St Paul’s Birmingham during the pandemic Richard Grimmett 700
Puzzle Page 702
Pairing-off puzzle – a numeric solution and an alternative view Nicholas Small 703
Thought for the week David Witchell 703
50 Years Ago in The Ringing World – The Basingstoke lark A A J Buswell 703
50 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Day of protest R C Stevens 703
The image of the week – All-girl and all under-21 quarter peal band at Westerham, Kent 704
Touring Europe by watercolour 704

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