Issue 5748 (25/06/2021) contents

Title Author Page
Front Cover – St Paul’s, Fulney, Lincolnshire Luke Tobin (photographer) 557
On the cover Christopher Teasdale 558
Clare rings for Suffolk Day Will Bosworth 558
Editorial Will Bosworth 559
Letters to the Editor 559
St Peter’s Ropley rises (literally) from the ashes Rodney Skinner and Roger Booth 560
Letters to the Editor concluded 563
Bishop’s Certificate of Recognition granted to Brecon peal ringer Colin Lewis 564
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 566
Peal Reports 567
Quarter Peal Reports 567
Obituaries – Molly Barron Catherine Taylor 570
Obituaries – Jean Myrtle Datson John Eddy 571
Obituaries – Revd Kit Carter Mark Tarrant 571
Notices 572
Up that scary ladder! Chris Pickford 572
The image of the week – Kings Norton Catherine Taylor (photographer) 573
New RW mug on sale 573
Puzzle Page 574
Recovery A J Barnfield 575
Classic clock complaint in Devon 575
Thought for the week Peter Davies 575
Introducing The Little Purple Ringing Book Will Bosworth 576

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