Issue 5726 (22/01/2021) contents

Title Author Page
Front cover photograph – St Andrew Lismore, New South Wales, Australia Robert Weatherby (Snr) (photographer) 49
On the cover Robert Weatherby (Snr) 50
Perth Bell Tower celebrates twenty years Tony Murray-Feist 51
Editorial Will Bosworth 51
What’s up that tower? Caerdeon, Gwynedd Chris Pickford 52
Letters to the Editor 54
Shake my Hand – an update on George Pipe’s Biography John Loveless 55
A history of ladies peals – Part One: From 1912 to the outbreak of the Second World War Linda Garton 56
25 Years Ago in The Ringing World –The word Tenor (RW p.1245/95) C Ellis M Ainsworth 58
Formula to estimate bell weights Hervey Bagot 59
Alternative Hobbyist: Jack of all Trades David Stanford 60
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 62
Quarter Peal Reports 62
100 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Is it apathy? 64
50 Years Ago in The Ringing World – The Golden Age W H Jackson 65
50 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Minimus methods Mary Lambert 65
Memories of Birmingham Cathedral John Eisel 65
Obituaries – Colin Houlgrave Alan Whitfield 66
Obituaries – H David Holland Ian M Holland and C Barrie Dove 66
Obituaries – Don Haskins Don Haskins 66
Obituaries – Valerie Howard Roy and Rosemary Cox, Chris Shaw and Tony Howard 67
Notices 68
A look up Perth’s Bell Tower Will Yeoman 69
Puzzle Page 70
Minor jottings on ... St Agatha Mary Jones 71
Stuck in a wormhole A J Barnfield 71
Thought for the week − How much longer? Anthony Ellis 71
The image of the week − RRS Sir David Attenborough ship’s bell Valia Battat (photographer) 72

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