Issue 5721 (18/12/2020) contents

Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 1236
CC President’s Christmas Blog Simon Linford 1238
The move of Dove’s Guide to its new home is complete Dickon Love 1238
CCCBR Executive Meeting 21 November 2020 Mary Bone 1239
Christmas ringing in England Simon Linford 1239
Keeping the band together: handbell ringing in Bromyard Claire Bellis 1240
eKenton – a new virtual band Sonia Field 1241
Breaking down borders – St Martin’s Guild Arthur Reeves 1242
A new challenge Dave Towell 1243
eBells: Electronic handbells for online ringing and simulator practice Simon Gay 1244
All Hallows, Twickenham Stephen Mitchell 1245
Lockdown handbells – Couch to 5k. Are we nearly there yet? Matthew Turner 1246
Predicting the future Stuart Holroyd 1247
The Education Column. A Christmas Special David Smith 1248
The first ever G&B Ringing Summer School Steve Coleman 1250
Alternative Hobbyist – Geocaching Deb Margason-Baker 1252
A word with ... Tim Rose Robert Wellen 1254
A word with ... Rowan Wilson David Stanford 1256
Students in Lockdown – DUSCR’s Michaelmas Term 1257
Wheeler’s Wooden Wallopers Bernard Taylor 1258
War and Covid – a ’long view’ of restrictions on ringing part three Robert Wellen 1262
A grand bell for a grand church Michael King 1265
The science of bell tuning Ben Kipling 1268
Ringers and The Great Exhibition of 1851 John Eisel 1271
Project Resound: the artist’s perspective Rachel Phillips 1274
75th anniversaries in the East Midlands Rosie Mason, Pat Halls and Jim Crabtree 1278
Bell founding in South Africa – Part One Colin Lewis 1285
The Bell Ringers’ Hymn Richard Offen 1288
Forward into 2021 Chris Ridley 1289
Birmingham’s ’Long Practice’ culture: examining a unique tradition Mark Eccleston 1290
Ringing in Leicester and the first ever 12-Bell Striking Contest at St Mary Redcliffe John Pladdys 1294
Expressions of interest sought 1295
Performance Reports 1296
Notices 1298
What’s Hot on BellBoard 1298
A pound of bacca to a pound of chocolates – The ladies peal at Isham Linda Garton 1299
Boiling up the bronze: an adventure into the wilderness of peal composition Mark Davies 1300
We’ve been waiting for you ... Richard Taulbut 1302
Bell headstock auction – leave a message Simon Usher 1303
Introducing 50 Virtual Things Mary Jones 1304
Free Christmas CD from Roncobello, Lombardy Stephen Pettman 1305
Christmas Puzzle Pages 1306
Kingsley’s Postcard Challenge 1309
Book Review: Methodoku Mayhem Barbara Murray 1310
Merry jottings on Christmas ringing Mary Jones 1311
Thought for the week Jenny Holden 1311

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