Issue 5703 (14/08/2020) contents

Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 802
Registered Small Societies – Final Proposal Clyde Whittaker 805
CCCBR YouTube Competition July – Best striking on 8 bells and above Wendy and Graham Bloom 806
Confessions of a Ringing Room cheat Sue Marsden 807
Westley Awards 2020 808
Staying Power Stephen Bell 808
The Secrets of the Shirt Box Sue Trevor 809
Of royal interest? Some spliced royal ideas Sam Cave 810
Peal Reports 812
What’s Hot on BellBoard 813
Quarter Peal Reports 813
Obituaries – Eric J Sterland 815
Obituaries – Margaret Lewis 815
Notices 816
A very famous Taylor bell – AC/DC’s Hell’s Bell Mike Milsom 817
Puzzle Page 818
Thought for the week Chris Marshall 819
The image of the week 820

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