Issue 5698 (10/07/2020) contents

Title Author Page
Letters to the Editor 672
Why not to celebrate with a quarter peal David Pouncey 675
Registering small societies: Questions and concerns Linda Garton 676
Remembering Derek Ogden Frank Osbaldiston 676
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 677
Youth teams in lockdown 678
The UL in lockdown Katherine Fowler 683
Ding Dong! – A suite of lessons about ringing for primary school children Jason Hughes 684
A word with ... Estella Haynes Christopher Teasdale 688
My short, strange ringing career Janet Dines 689
Kent Young Ringers – A five-year reflection Jennifer Thomas 690
What’s Hot on BellBoard 692
Peal Reports 693
Quarter Peal Reports 693
Obituary – Terry Hargreaves 696
Norman Mallett – a footnote Les Boyce 696
Notices 697
Puzzle Page 698
Methodoku agony aunt Jennie Town 699
Thought for the week Bill Croft 699
The image of the week 700
Minor jottings on childcatching Mary Jones 700

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