Issue 5692 (29/05/2020) contents

Title Author Page
Ringing in South Africa: a pre-coronavirus snapshot James Champion 528
Letters to the Editor 530
Exploring Treble Bob Minimus Julian Howes 532
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 533
On completing the calendar – Part 2 Lynn Scales 534
Middlesex Association – Lockdown activities Lucy Chandhial 535
Westcroft Park Tower Neil Skelton 536
What’s Hot on BellBoard 536
Peal Reports 537
Quarter Peal Reports 537
A Rainbow Odyssey? Part 12 – Sing-song with the Sirens David Maynard 539
Using an oddstruckness meter to improve a miniring David Bagley 540
Notices 542
Obituaries – John Cannell 543
Obituaries – Deborah Crawley 543
Alternative Hobbyist – A bell ringing carver Barbara Beard 544
Puzzle page 546
Not down the pub A J Barnfield 546
Mantic jottings on the impact of coronavirus Mary Jones 547
Thought for the week Michael Haighton 547
Image of the week 548
The impact of COVID-19 on a bell restoration project Sue Morton 548

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